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A young boy walks with his younger brother down a beautiful, fall sidewalk

Where Your Adventure Begins


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Veterans Park Adventures

Stockbridge's Veterans Park is jammed-packed with the latest equipment that you wouldn't normally find in a small town. From our all-new pump track and refurbished skateboard ramps, to our well-maintained playgrounds, there is something for the whole family.  Get ready for an absolute blast playing pickleball, gaga ball, tennis, basketball, or volleyball with friends and family!

Adventures Often Begin at a Crossroads

At the crossroads of M-52 & M106, Stockbridge is uniquely positioned between Ann Arbor, home of the University of Michigan, and East Lansing, home of Michigan State University. We’re also within 15 minutes of I-94 and also I-96, making an easy commute to Detroit or Grand Rapids.

Amenities That Invite Adventure

The village of Stockbridge is an attractive place to spend quality time, whether you are a lifelong resident or a visitor looking for a new place to call home. In the center of town and unique to Stockbridge is its iconic township hall. Built on the Square in 1892 and completely renovated in 1979, it is the only original opera house in Michigan still standing.

Just around the corner, tucked back from the street, lies Veterans Park. This community-friendly space includes a Skate Park, Tennis Courts, Basketball Court, Playground, Picnic Areas, and the all-new Pump Track. Veterans Park is also  the gathering place for Day in the Village, All Clubs Day (for Motorcyclists), and Harvest Moon Festival, among other events and activities. 

If you are interested in hiking, running, and biking, check out the Stockbridge trailhead for the Mike Levine Lakeland State Trail, a 34-mile-long linear trail that stretches between Ingham and Livingston counties. For wildlife and nature enthusiasts, just outside the downtown area is Beckwith Nature  Preserve, which provides 30 acres of quiet natural area with walking trails.

Award-winning Schools

In addition to recreational opportunities, a quality school system is an importantpart of a healthy community. Stockbridge schools consistently place in the top 30 percent of school districts statewide. With just under 1,300 students, the District’s student to teacher ratio is on par with the state average of 18:1. At the High School level, Stockbridge has award-winning school programs such as the Uncaged Student News and Stockbridge Robotics Team, as well as  Competitive Class B Sports Teams.

“I have been located here in Stockbridge for 
25 years and my agency has been here for 
over 70 years. Stockbridge is a welcoming 
community and a great place to grow your 

  Jon Fillmore, Owner
Abbott & Fillmore Agency, Inc.

“Originally from Stockbridge and owning 
a business here for the last ten years, I 
feel grateful for the relationships we’ve 
built. We were looking to start our practice 
elsewhere, but we really enjoy the small town 
atmosphere and being downtown.”

Erin Clifton, Owner
Positively Chiropractic

Quick  Links

Stockbridge Stats

•     1.5 Square Mile Village
•     Roughly 20,000 year-round residents with 
an average income of $82,400 per year, in 
a 245 mile square area around the village
•     Area residents’ median age is 43.9 years, 
3.3 years older than the state average
•     45.4 percent of households earn over 
$75,000 per year

A public hearing will be held on August 5th, 2024 at 7:00 on in the Stockbridge Village Hall, 118 N Center St, Stockbridge, MI. The purpose of this hearing is to hear interested persons concerning proposed additions and
amendments to the 2022 TIFD Plan Amendment that will result in creating a new 2024 TIFD Plan

Public Notice 

Thursday, June 27, 2024, 6:15pm

118 N Center St

Call To Order

Roll Call
Pledge of Allegiance
Approval of Meeting Agenda June 27, 2024. 
Approval of meeting minutes of May 23, 2024.    



Financials including  Check registers for May 23, 2024, to June 27, 2024. 
Credit card charges for purchase on New Banners with Pump Track displayed $3021.00.
Invoice from Gormley Law office $1,037.37
For reference, please find attached approved 2024/2025 SDDA budget. 


  1. 2024 Plan Amendment Public Hearing Scheduled for August 05, 2024, in front of Village     council. Note: Public hearing notices contain all act 57 of 2018 specifically specified      information.  
    Steps Completed:

    1. Public Hearing Notices sent to Lansing State Journal to run two times First one started on June 24, 2024, Second time to start July 1st, 2024,  and to the Local Town Crier.

      1. Also attached is an email thread confirming public hearing notice is being run 2     times.

    2. Copy of Public Hearing notice that was posted in 20 Places in Village.

    3. Copy of Letter sent be Certified mail to all the six taxing authorities with accompanying Public hearing notice.

    4. Copy of Public Hearing Notice mailed by first class mail to all 196 property taxpayers of record in the downtown district.

    5. Copy of Public Hearing notice referenced on Home Page of Village Internet site with link to 2024 Plan amendment  and also on the SDDA internet site with link to plan amendment. 

    6. Copy of Act 57 of 2018 requirements for amending a Plan Amendment.

  2. Letter to Village President about settling up for FY- 2023-2024.

    1. Copy of auditors finding for amount of money owed SDDA from Village and Township.  


  1. Crack in pump track asphalt.

    1. Copy email of response from American Ramp Company.

    2. Copy of Warranty attached.  

    3. Copy of Pitchers

  2. Copy of invoice from Chair for annual reimbursement of $200.00 for making copies,     scanning and wear and tear on personal printer.

  3. Copy of email from Virginia Rezmierski inquiring about working together to contact Aldi     representative to entice Aldi  to come to our Village 

    1. Copy of Aldi site requirements. 


Board members Concerns, Suggestions or Recommendations.


Next SDDA suggested meeting date is July 25, 2024.


Community Events

Farmer's Markets

Open Air Market of Stockbridge - Fridays May - October on the township square.

Stockbridge Farmers Market - Tuesdays at the American Legion

Memorial Day

S.A.E.S.A. Memorial Day BBQ

Saturday Before Father's Day

Day in the Village

Saturday After Thanksiving

Festival of Lights & Small Business Saturday

Additional Events

•     All Clubs Day Motorcycle Show
•     Harvest Moon Festival
•     Mackinder Glenn American Legion Post 510 Tractor Show and Fish Fries

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