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Downtown Development Authority


What is the Stockbridge Downtown Development Authority (SDDA)?

A DDA is a special purpose district that is established by voters who live, own or lease property in a defined area. It is governed by a Board of Directors, and is intended to foster economic development and revitalization within a downtown area. Both residential and commercial portions of a city are important and necessary elements of its history, character and vitality.

With projects of all sizes, both commercial and residential, programs for non-profits and individuals, developers and businesses, the DDA approach has been widely successful in downtown areas across the country. Through the use of financial tools for new development, as well as, redevelopment, they are a catalyst for revitalization.

Nothside of Stockbridge, MI

Northside of Stockbridge


SDDA Business Friendly Programs:

•     Downtown Beautification Program
•     Building Facade Program
•     Bridge to the Future Covid Relief Program
•     Marketing assistance for community events
•     Downtown Business Recruitment and Retention Projects

Southeside of Stockbridge, MI

Southside of Stockbridge


Businesses the SDDA would like to attract:

•     Gift shops, specialty retail, antique, or craft shops

•     Coney Island and other bars & restaurants
•     Family Practice or General Physician
•     Bed & Breakfast
•     Grocery Store

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