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 Stockbridge Downtown Development Authority Accomplishments

towards completing, Stockbridge’s Tax increment financing plan goals and objectives for the

FY 2017 and FY 2018

Accomplishments in Fiscal Year 2017

the immediately preceding fiscal year

  1. Repaired, and upgraded and painted 19 Light Poles with LED lights located throughout Downtown District

  2. Repaired the Covered Alley running from M-52 South to the Wood Street Parking Lot

  3. The Replaced and installed a total of 16 Cameras in Veterans Park.

  4. Completed Installation of Tennis Courts in Veterans Park.

  5. The carried forward the Facade Improvement Fund which was first implemented in FY 2016 and will continue to be carried forward until plan expires or is removed from plan.)



The Plan Amendment FY 2017 also assured that the following accomplishments achieved in 2017 are carried forward and implemented in FY 2018 each year to attract shoppers to the downtown business.


Accomplishments in Fiscal Year 2018


  1. Community Promotions Budget - The SDDA will be sponsoring a general advertising, marketing and brochures for the downtown district.

  2. Several Business took advantage of the facade improvement program.

  3. Logo and Branding project for the Stockbridge Downtown Development Authority.   This Logo and Branding is to be considered part of the Community Promotions category.

  4. Holiday Decorations for the Village on holidays, as Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.

  5. Banner & Bracket Program ram - the SDDA sponsors a Banner and Bracket program in the downtown district each year to hang brackets onto the existing light poles, previously installed by the SDDA, to decorate the town with the intent of making the core downtown more attractive.

  6. Small Business Saturday/Shop Downtown Program- the SDDA sponsors a Small Business Saturday/Shop Downtown Program in the downtown district on Saturdays.

  7. Downtown Beautification Program - the SDDA sponsors a Downtown Beautification Program in the downtown district each year with the intent to beautify the town with trees, flowers, and other general appearance improvements to businesses.