• Downtown Business Recruitment and Retention Projects

  • Historic Preservation

  • Technical and Architectural Assistance

  • Downtown Beautification

  • Architectural Assistance for Property Owners 

  • Information about incentives for New Businesses and Property Rehabilitation


 Stockbridge Downtown Development Authority

SDDA Accomplishments of 2021/ 2022

  • Continued employing a Professional to Provide Direction to the SDDA for Implementing practice to bring new Business to Stockbridge

  • Continued to Utilize Total local create a brochure to market the Village of Stockbridge 

  • Obtained bids to Repair several Fire Hydrants in the TIFD

  • Replaced several fire hydrants in TIFD

  • Sponsored Harvest Festival

  • Sponsored Festival of Lights

  • Sponsored Harvest moon festival 

  • Sponsored Open air market 

  • The SDDA also sponsored the below listed various programs for making the core downtown more attractive to assist businesses by drawing customers into the downtown district.

    • Holiday Decorations.

    • Banner & Bracket Program

    • Downtown Beautification Program.

  • Completed act 57 or 2018 Reporting requirements

  • Continued to sponsor the SDDA’s Facade Improvement Program.

  • Continued to use a accounting firm to complete and file state require financial report.

  • The SDDA by investing in a primarily maintenance contract with the Village, also referred to as a Revenue Sharing agreement, the infrastructure installed or developed by the SDDA, pursuant to approved TIF Plans, are maintained by the Village DPW at the SDDA’s expense.

  • Purchased and had installed storge shed for SDDA equipment and decorations.

  • Stopped leasing storge space for SDDA equipment and decorations 

  • Worked on creating 2022/ 2023 budget.

  • Worked on updating a new plan amendment to address future SDDA activities.  


​​Note: Most of the SDDA sponsored events were canceled because of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Accomplishments in Fiscal Year 2020

the immediately preceding fiscal year


Listed below are the achievements of the SDDA 2020 – Month ??, Date ??, 2021.

o Modified 2019, SDDA Plan Amendment Creating 2021 Plan amendment

o Competed preparing the Budget for 2021/2022 o Funded Repair and Replacement of 13 Fire Hydrants in TIFD.

o Continued to implement Façade Improvement program.

o Completed the Bridge to the Future campaign to raise money for small business affected by the COVID -19 pandemic.

o Continued the contract with Annette Knowles for 150 hrs. as a professional consultant to provide direction to SDDA to implement Retail Market Analysis findings.

o Completed State required financial report.

o Hired Total Local to manage SDDA internet site.

o Continued contract with My Site to provide email address.

o Contracted with ZOOM to provide a video electronic meeting platform and recording of meetings.

o Continued contract with Self Storage facility o Purchased a Shed.

o Bid and issued contract to install a 12 ft. X 16 ft. cement slab for shed.

o Mainstreet services for SDDA implantation for creating Move in Ready Community

o Joined the Michigan Downtown Association

o Renewed contract with YEO & YEO accounting for audit and completing required state report.

o Contract with Delight Decorations to decorate trees for X-mass

o Continued relationship with T.C. Enterprises to provide services for putting up and taking down seasonal banners.

o Negotiated a revised three-year Renewed Revenue Sharing Agreement with Village to maintain infrastructure improvements installed by the SDDA.

o Updated Current 2021 Plan amendment to include the transfer of property to village and any other issues.

o Transferred SDDA vacant Property to Village.



The below listed projects are still in the plan and money is being saved up to be completed in the next fiscal year and/or as funds accumulate, projects will be completed.


1. Fire Hydrant Replacement on South Clinton Street

2. Replacement of Beach Sand at the Veterans Memorial Park Volleyball Court

3. Installation of new camera on the Village Water Tower.